artifice meaning in telugu

Word: artifice
Meaning of artifice in english - hoax, clever act, cunning, deception, skill, cleverness

Meanings in telugu :

pikku ( పిక్కు )

Identical words :

As noun :
artificer - kaaruvu ( కారువు )

Synonyms of artifice

gimmick contrivance dodge maneuver play scam savvy stratagem machination ploy subterfuge ruse racket tactic expedient device wile gambit duplicity chicanery guile artfulness slyness craftiness dishonesty trickery scheming wiliness inventiveness finesse ability adroitness ingenuity facility deftness invention

Antonyms of artifice

honesty candor frankness reality sincerity truthfulness inability incapacity simplicity honor ingenuousness innocence openness artlessness uncleverness

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