assist meaning in telugu

Word: assist
 Meaning of assist in english - help

Meanings in telugu :

aadukonu ( ఆదుకొను )

Identical words :

As noun :
assistance - saahaayyamu ( సాహాయ్యము )
assistant - gumaasta ( గుమాస్తా )
assisting - sai ( సై )
assistance in word - vaadōdu ( వాదోడు )

Synonyms of assist

service backing assistance comfort benefit reinforcement hand collaboration compensation lift furtherance relief cooperation abetment aid boost support helping hand facilitation cooperate sustain facilitate expedite plug collaborate stump relieve serve hype thump push puff bail out do for go for go to bat for ride shotgun take care of give a boost give a leg up give a lift go down the line for go with grease the wheels lend a hand make a pitch for open doors put on the map root for run interference for stand up for work for

Antonyms of assist

damage hurt injury hindrance stoppage harm loss encumbrance obstruction prevention blockage delay impediment opposition handicap discouragement thwarting undermine hinder impede injure conceal hide frustrate halt

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