bank meaning in telugu

Word: bank
Meaning of bank in english - financial institution, ground bounding waters, row or tier of objects, collect money or advantage, lean or tilt

Meanings in telugu :

sētuvu ( సేతువు )

Identical words :

As noun :
bankruptcy - dinaala ( దినాలా )

Synonyms of bank

fund treasury store stock repository reservoir safe thrift savings stockpile coffer depository vault hoard reserve exchequer storehouse countinghouse credit union investment firm trust company ledge embankment levee coast shore reef beach strand cliff lakeshore cay lakeside lakefront seaboard waterfront oceanfront riverside seafront riverfront seabank streamside group sequence series rank dashboard succession array line amass save squirrel stash heap mound speculate hill salt away sock away lay aside lay away put by slope incline slant cant bend pitch

Antonyms of bank

disburse straighten spend even

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