bead meaning in telugu

Word: bead
 Meaning of bead in english - droplet, blob

Meanings in telugu :

poos ( పూస )

Identical words :

beads - ēkaavaLi ( ఏకావళి )
beadle - salavaadi ( సలవాదిఅ )
beads of gold attached to golden jewels - pooje ( పూజె )
bead of gold - poode ( పూదె )

Synonyms of bead

stone pellet dot shot speck dab particle globule bean grain bubble pill driblet spherule

Related English Telugu Meaning

beadlebeads of gold attached to golden jewelsbeadsbeak ofbirdbeam of timberbeambean calledbearbearablebeard of barleybeardbeardless youthbearing burdens on the shoulderbearing corpsesbearingbearingas youngbearyoungbeast of burdenbeastbeastliness
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