beat meaning in telugu

Word: beat
 Meaning of beat in english - very tired, throbbing, blow, stroke, area of responsibility, injure by striking, defeat, surpass, forge, mix

Meanings in telugu :

vrēyu ( వ్రేయు )

Identical words :

As noun :
beating - sanghattanamu ( సంఘట్టనము )
beating asdrum - avamardanamu ( అవమర్దనము )
beaten - vyaahatamu ( వ్యాహతము )
beatitude - shrēyamu ( శ్రేయము )
beating of the heart - gubbu ( గుబ్బు )
beating of drums - baaja ( బాజా )
beating time in music and dancing - lay ( లయ )
beat rice - sadianchu ( సడించు )

Synonyms of beat

exhausted wearied fatigued weary kaput worn out dog tired pulse rhythm pound quiver oscillation measure meter quake shake ripple cadency vibration palpitation thump cadence swell rhyme pressure tick flutter undulation flow surge swing pulsation hit punch slap strike lash march circuit route patrol walk course way path precinct rounds knock pummel trounce break crush rap thrash batter whip ram bruise spank cane castigate hammer belt pelt cudgel maltreat swat lambaste flagellate lick club punish collide buffet smack thresh wallop whale slug bash box flail thwack drub bang mash clout flog maul overtake overwhelm top triumph outrun overcome transcend exceed subdue excel better outshine conquer outstrip outdo best vanquish outplay outrival be victorious shoot ahead of form work shape fashion model malleate pitch undulate flicker heave jounce tremble alternate quaver vibrate shiver flap jerk writhe agitate fluctuate bounce oscillate palpitate thrill pulsate bob twitch

Antonyms of beat

energetic lively rested fresh refreshed stillness compliment praise surrender protect aid assist guard cede relinquish retreat fail lose tap help fall behind give up be inferior destroy neglect calm soothe remain steady stay

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