bind meaning in telugu

Word: bind
 Meaning of bind in english - predicament, fasten, secure, obligate, restrict

Meanings in telugu :

kattu ( కట్టు )

Identical words :

As noun :
binding - bandhamu ( బంధము )
binding together - viyyamu ( వియ్యము )

Synonyms of bind

pickle dilemma quandary crunch difficulty nuisance hot water no-win situation between a rock and a hard place sticky situation tight situation tight spot tie up cover unite strap attach shackle handcuff connect wrap tether dress clamp trim border fetter swathe hitch fold truss furl muzzle glue chain lap fix adhere leash moor restrain pin hamper finish yoke bandage cinch hem hobble paste rope trammel edge lash constrict manacle put together encase enchain pinion enfetter hitch on hook on hook up peg down pin down tack on engage oblige require constrain confine hinder force compel prescribe indenture detain enslave necessitate hogtie lock up put half nelson on

Antonyms of bind

solution pleasure uncover unwrap disconnect loosen unlock center release disjoin unhitch liberate aid assist detach unbind permit lay bare forget separate remove unfasten open lose free let go unlace untie succeed help set free allow encourage

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