bland meaning in telugu

Word: bland
 Meaning of bland in english - tasteless, undistinctive, friendly, gracious, mild, temperate

Meanings in telugu :

zaanu ( ాను )

Identical words :

As noun :
blandishment - haavamu ( హావము )

Synonyms of bland

tedious watery insipid boring wishy-washy tame banal dull blah flat flavorless humdrum monotonous nothing pabulum unexciting uninteresting vanilla vapid weak zero waterish dull as dishwater ho hum milk-and-water nerdy sapless uninspiring unstimulating wimpy pleasant amiable affable civilized congenial courteous gentle good-natured ingratiating oily smooth suave unctuous unemotional urbane soft balmy calm clear lenient soothing calmative mollifying nonirritant

Antonyms of bland

exciting interesting lively delicious distinctive tasty yummy blasé unfriendly bright sharp blase ungracious bitter caustic severe zingy hateful disagreeable

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