blight meaning in telugu

Word: blight
 Meaning of blight in english - disease, plague, ruin, destroy

Meanings in telugu :

chid ( చీడ )

Identical words :

blighted - chimudu ( చిముడు )
blight which destroys trees - vachch ( వచ్చ )

Synonyms of blight

mildew decay scourge eyesore canker pest affliction curse pestilence dump withering evil bane sight contamination woe rot corruption pollution fungus infestation blot on the landscape mar taint nullify dash blast annihilate wreck injure damage frustrate crush spoil disappoint trash shrivel foul up mess up nip in the bud

Antonyms of blight

goodness purification cleanliness boon health prosperity blessing aid assist compliment praise grow improve mend guard protect encourage help inspirit build repair fix

Related English Telugu Meaning

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