blind meaning in telugu

Word: blind
 Meaning of blind in english - sightless, indifferent, uncontrolled, hidden or covered, screen, covering

Meanings in telugu :

ter ( తెర )

Identical words :

blind woman - andakuraalu ( అందకురాలు )
blind man - aviti ( అవిటి )
blindness of heart - avivēkamu ( అవివేకము )
blindness - chiku ( చీకు )
blind eye - kaayakannu ( కాయకన్ను )

Synonyms of blind

dark eyeless purblind unseeing unsighted groping amaurotic blind as a bat destitute of vision in darkness typhlotic undiscerning visionless ignorant oblivious insensitive unconscious nearsighted careless heedless inattentive inconsiderate indiscriminate injudicious myopic neglectful thoughtless unaware unmindful unobservant imperceptive unperceiving unreasoning mindless irrational wild rash hasty impetuous reckless senseless shortsighted unthinking violent impassable dim disguised secluded concealed closed obscured unmarked obstructed blocked closed at one end dead-end leading nowhere without egress without exit curtain mask blinder cloak camouflage front trap facade veil blinker

Antonyms of blind

seeing sighted aware understanding uncovered cunning quick sharp controlled open revealed mindful concerned conscious sensitive bright brilliant clear distinct light good bare

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