brightly meaning in telugu

Word: brightly
 Meaning of brightly in english - glitteringly, happily

Meanings in telugu :

mitamit ( మిటమిట )

Identical words :

brightly more and more - balabal ( బలబల )

Synonyms of brightly

splendidly brilliantly blazingly dazzlingly glaringly gleamingly glisteningly glowingly luminously lustrously radiantly shinily shiningly sparklingly cheerfully merrily colorfully

Antonyms of brightly

dully miserably sadly

Related English Telugu Meaning

brightnessbrihaspatibrilliancebrilliancybrilliantbrimstonebring people togetherbring togetherbring under the ploughbring upbringbringing aboutbringing forthbringing togetherbrinjalbrinjarisbrinkbrisklybrisknessbristling of the hair
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