bring meaning in telugu

Word: bring
 Meaning of bring in english - transport or accompany, cause, influence, command a price, file charges in court

Meanings in telugu :

mōyu ( మోయు )

Identical words :

bring under the plough - aayaparachu ( ఆయపరచు )
bringing forth - prasavamu ( ప్రసవము )
bringing about - ghatan ( ఘటన )
bringing together - taapi ( తాపి )
bring people together - taarchu ( తార్చు )

Synonyms of bring

lead transfer deliver bear take carry import chaperon back usher convey tote escort conduct attend lug companion shoulder buck consort ride gather gun fetch truck guide heel pack pick up schlepp piggyback take along begin force make move produce prompt create convert engender dispose compel wreak induce effect persuade inflict occasion convince sway prevail on contribute to prevail upon result in bring in draw return gross earn afford yield net sell for serve sue institute summon prefer cite indict arraign appeal declare initiate legal action

Antonyms of bring

refuse avoid dodge disperse shun back out desist hold back lose keep fail disenchant repulse maintain abandon leave neglect free distribute drop quit give up pass up destroy ruin dissuade prevent hinder discourage halt stop stay take reject let go exonerate deny disclaim

Related English Telugu Meaning

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