bring together meaning in telugu

Word: bring together
 Meaning of bring together in english - accumulate, assemble, center, compile, couple, embody, juxtapose, rally, reconcile, round up, shape, unify, put together

Meanings in telugu :

kuppianchu ( కుప్పించు )

Synonyms of bring together

acquire swell rack up add to accrue increase collect concentrate gain hoard grow expand incorporate cache profit gather procure unite agglomerate amalgamate stockpile lump heap aggregate mass store collocate pile up clean up draw together heap together load up make a bundle make a killing roll up scare up stack up store up amass summon mobilize convene meet capture huddle group muster reunite convoke call flock corral bunch hang around bunch up call together come together gang up hang out make the scene meet up attract intensify focus consolidate centralize join concenter focalize bring to a focus close on converge upon medialize cull organize edit glean compose arrange abridge recapitulate collate congregate garner marshal get together anthologize colligate heap up connect copulate wed marry conjoin hitch coalesce harness link clasp conjugate pair yoke cohabit buckle match bracket hook up blend codify comprehend involve embrace contain combine encompass establish systematize merge assimilate absorb fuse subsume have comprise take in appose bring near place in proximity set side by side restore arouse redouble resuscitate waken reform rejuvenate revive charge whet counterattack urge fire inspirit kindle awaken challenge refresh resurrect renew encourage surge call to arms come about wreak havoc bestir regroup reassemble bond together bring to order come to order conform resolve appease coordinate assuage rectify accommodate harmonize placate pacify integrate accustom mitigate intercede accord conciliate cool suit proportion arbitrate mediate settle attune regulate propitiate bring to terms bury the hatchet fix up make up patch up get together on kiss and make up make matters up patch things up re-establish reconciliate restore harmony win over bring in herd cluster drive fashion carve frame construct produce build forge mold trim sketch hew stamp pattern chisel whittle cast cut fabricate model sculpture knead mint block out streamline crystallize roughhew throw together associate cooperate band affiliate pool become one gather together hook up with join forces pull together stick together concoct create engineer erect

Antonyms of bring together

disperse scatter forfeit decrease lessen dwindle squander separate lose contract shrink divide diminish spend waste dissipate distribute cancel spread take apart disjoin destroy disarrange disorder disorganize disassemble divorce disconnect unbuckle uncouple unfasten exclude misunderstand lack need disintegrate want disembody damage calm ruin dissuade regress weaken hurt bore disenchant dull kill dampen discourage halt stop incite increase refuse mix up estrange fight mismatch irritate upset agitate argue disagree confuse raze demolish dismantle deform

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