bring up meaning in telugu

Word: bring up
 Meaning of bring up in english - raise youngster, initiate, mention in conversation

Meanings in telugu :

ēdu ( ఏదు )

Synonyms of bring up

educate teach rear breed cultivate develop discipline feed form foster nourish nurture school support train provide for propose submit broach introduce discuss refer advance advert moot move offer point out tender ventilate allude to touch on put forward

Antonyms of bring up

learn finish

Related English Telugu Meaning

bringbringing aboutbringing forthbringing togetherbrinjalbrinjarisbrinkbrisklybrisknessbristling of the hairbristling up of the hairbristlingbrittlebroad and strong tapebroad leafed thorny dockbroad leaved rose baybroad partbroad tapebroad-clothbroad
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