broken down meaning in telugu

Word: broken down
 Meaning of broken down in english - broken-down, old, sick, unwell, washed-up, worn out, laid-up, decrepit, dilapidated, dingy, disabled, incapacitated, ramshackle, run-down, shoddy, sleazy, squalid, tacky, tired, schlocky, scrubby, tatty

Meanings in telugu :

kalagu ( కలగు )

Synonyms of broken down

bedraggled deteriorated infirm neglected seedy shabby threadbare unsound battered falling apart in disrepair gray ancient elderly venerable mature aged senior veteran fossil versed debilitated exhausted experienced grizzled hoary impaired inactive matured olden seasoned senile skilled superannuated wasted along in years enfeebled geriatric getting on gray-haired not young oldish over the hill past one's prime disordered indisposed ailing incurable funny nauseated invalid wobbly frail imperfect suffering confined peaked tottering green mean bedridden defective delicate diseased feverish lousy poorly queasy rickety rocky rotten run down under the weather unhealthy weak infected hospitalized declining in a bad way in poor health not so hot qualmish sick as a dog under medication sickly not feeling well done done for ended finished kaput shot through useless come to an end concluded done with over and done crumbling decaying decrepit. in ruins falling down the worse for wear crippled flimsy antiquated doddering effete fragile haggard insubstantial shaking used weather-beaten worn-out weakly creaky anile quavering tumble-down damaged unkempt derelict injured decayed faded crumbly crummy ratty raunchy shaky unimproved marred beat-up dog-eared fallen-in rinky-dink slummy uncared for used-up drab dreary dirty grimy colorless dark dim dull dusky gloomy muddy murky obscure somber bedimmed darkish discolored smirched sullied tarnished handicapped wounded paralyzed weakened lame wrecked hurt maimed helpless incapable powerless sidelined hamstrung stalled disarmed out-of-action out-of-commission impotent out of commission immobilized wornout jerry-built unsafe unsteady unfirm deserted desolate abandoned below par drained enervated fatigued forsaken frowzy tattered weary down-at-the-heel out of condition uncared-for untended used up inferior shameful gaudy plastic base common makeshift cheap cheesy disgraceful dishonorable disreputable ignominious inglorious paltry pretentious scruffy second-rate shady slipshod tawdry trashy discreditable junky not up to snuff unrespectable sordid limp unsubstantial wretched musty fetid filthy abominable despicable disgusting disheveled foul gruesome horrible ignoble impure moldy nasty odorous offensive poverty-stricken repellent repulsive sloppy slovenly ugly unclean vile horrid miry soiled reeking scurvy vulgar messy crude dowdy frumpy inelegant mangy out-of-date outmoded poky stodgy unbecoming unsuitable untidy down-at-heel unstylish distressed sleepy overworked stale bored annoyed irritated faint jaded spent drooping flagging empty asleep done in droopy drowsy fed up pooped tuckered out exasperated consumed prostrated fagged irked overtaxed collapsing all in burned out dog-tired narcoleptic petered out played out sick of dead on one's feet miserable moth-eaten pitiful ragged rundown all the worse for wear degenerated deteriorating disfigured frayed gone to seed meager ruined

Antonyms of broken down

healthy intact sturdy good solid sound well-kept young youthful inexperienced current modern up-to-date new green fresh contemporary late recent moral content pleased satisfied strong perfect clean gentle nice happy undiseased stable firm hearty fit OK repaired rebuilt neat in good repair sterile spotless bright pure immaculate invigorated walking used populated respectable superior refined sophisticated noble reputable honorable clear rich kept-up classy expensive tasteful lively fired up rested energized unused saved activated active

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