burst meaning in telugu

Word: burst
Meaning of burst in english - blow-up, blast, blow up, break out

Meanings in telugu :

vidirnamu ( విదీర్ణము )

Identical words :

burst forth - uppongu ( ఉప్పొంగు )
burst as of steam - bissu ( బిస్సు )
burst asunder - vilu ( వీలు )
bursting - sphōtamu ( స్ఫోటము )

Synonyms of burst

fusillade rush explosion salvo shower blowout gust flare eruption outbreak spate surge outpouring barrage crack storm volley spurt torrent access fit sally cannonade bang bombardment split breach discharge rupture round gush disintegrate shatter detonate pop explode barge pierce run fracture fragment spout splinter shiver puncture perforate prick fly open gush forth rend asunder

Antonyms of burst

juncture closing closure mend combine fix join

Related English Telugu Meaning

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