butt meaning in telugu

Word: butt
 Meaning of butt in english - end, shaft, object of joking, cigarette, bang up against with head, touch, adjoin, buttocks

Meanings in telugu :

sharavyamu ( శరవ్యము )

Identical words :

As noun :
button - bottaamu ( బొత్తాము )
buttermilk - chall ( చల్ల )
buttock - pirr ( పిర్ర )
butter - sarpi ( సర్పి )
butter-bat - chitti ( చిట్టి )
buttwith the horns - chimmu ( చిమ్ము )
buttermilk diluted with water - takramu ( తక్రము )
butter which has been melted and clarified - neyyi ( నెయ్యి )
butter-milk - majjig ( మజ్జిగ )
buttermilk seasoned with spices - sigari ( సిగరి )

Synonyms of butt

tail handle shank bottom extremity tip stub edge base fundament foot stump stock hilt fag end fool turkey laughingstock target sucker setup patsy mark dupe derision victim joke chump sap goat subject clay pigeon easy mark fall guy sitting duck softie jestee tobacco smoke cancer stick coffin nail smack collide shove buck poke knock bump toss ram thrust punch buffet push batter bunt strike prod jab hook gore run into horn verge communicate bound project abut jut neighbor protrude meet border tush backside behind derriere tushie ass fanny keister rear seat gluteus maximus haunches hindquarters

Antonyms of butt

top dissuade tap pull discourage disjoin divide separate

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