chip meaning in telugu

Word: chip
 Meaning of chip in english - shard, flaw, knock a piece out of

Meanings in telugu :

pell ( పెల్ల )

Synonyms of chip

slice wafer wedge notch fragment scratch scrap flake dent nick part sliver paring gobbet shaving splinter chop crack hack whack gash crumble clip split chisel damage incise break shape hew whittle slash snip shear cut off snick hackle crack off

Antonyms of chip

whole mend combine put together increase fix build

Related English Telugu Meaning

chirping of birdschirrupingchirrupingjust audible soundchiselchoicecholam birdcholamcholeracholericchoosechoppedchoral symphonychoruschoultrychowri composed of the tail of the yakchowrichristianchrysanthemumchucklerchunam
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