comb meaning in telugu

Word: comb
Meaning of comb in english - arrange hair, search by ransacking

Meanings in telugu :

chipu ( చీపు )

Identical words :

As noun :
combat - saamparaayamu ( సాంపరాయము )
combustion - plōshamu ( ప్లోషము )
As adjective :
combined - samaasaanjitamu ( సమాసంజితము )
combatant - yōdh ( యోధ )
combination - samuru ( సమురు )
combination of several words into one - samaasamu ( సమాసము )

Synonyms of comb

straighten sort curry tease cleanse separate groom smooth disentangle untangle adjust scrape rasp dress card hackle hatchel lay smooth rummage rake forage investigate scrutinize inspect examine sift scour hunt grub beat screen probe sweep beat the bushes finecomb go through with fine-tooth comb leave no stone unturned look high and low search high heaven turn inside out

Antonyms of comb

disorder disorganize wrinkle upset twist

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