compare meaning in telugu

Word: compare
 Meaning of compare in english - examine in contrast, liken, equate

Meanings in telugu :

dauhridamu ( దౌహృదము )

Synonyms of compare

correlate study equal measure analyze match consider scan segregate scrutinize touch divide ponder collate approach juxtapose separate inspect hang contemplate observe parallel confront bracket oppose rival weigh balance hold a candle to match up place in juxtaposition set against set side by side size up stack up against weigh against another link connect standardize vie assimilate resemble come up to identify with tie up allegorize approximate to be in the same class as be on a par with bear comparison bring near compete with distinguish between draw parallel make like notice similarities put alongside show correspondence

Antonyms of compare

discard ignore disregard combine desegregate unite aid assist imbalance forget neglect leave gather join help support disconnect differ

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