contrariwise meaning in telugu

Word: contrariwise
Meaning of contrariwise in english - counter, crosswise/crossways, vice versa, reversed

Meanings in telugu :

akatavikatamu ( అకటవికటము )

Synonyms of contrariwise

opposite against versus at variance with contrarily conversely in defiance of angular athwart awry crisscross crossing diagonally over perpendicular sideways transverse traverse transversal aslant at right angles from side to side horizontally longways on the bias transversely vertically about-face contrary upside down backwards far from it in reverse inversely mutatis mutandis on the contrary oppositely the opposite way the other way around turn about mullioned inverted inside out everted transposed turned regressive

Antonyms of contrariwise

equally same similarly head on lengthwise straight on ordered established

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