curse meaning in telugu

Word: curse
 Meaning of curse in english - hateful, swearing remark, misfortune wished upon someone

Meanings in telugu :

shaapamu ( శాపము )

Synonyms of curse

bane obscenity expletive profanity whammy obloquy malediction execration sacrilege blasphemy profanation commination imprecation anathema damning denunciation fulmination oath vilification dirty word double whammy four-letter word swear word cursing blaspheming cussing cuss word dirty name malison naughty words no-no objuration disaster scourge evil calamity burden jinx pestilence Cancer ordeal cross torment plague affliction voodoo tribulation trouble vexation evil eye hydra imprecate blaspheme flame execrate bedamn be foul-mouthed take name in vain talk dirty use bad language

Antonyms of curse

piety reverence compliment praise good luck advantage boon happiness contentment aid blessing good fortune benefit comfort help

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