damage meaning in telugu

Word: damage
 Meaning of damage in english - injury, loss, cause injury, loss

Meanings in telugu :

haani ( హాని )

Identical words :

damaged - bēmarammatu ( బేమరమ్మతు )

Synonyms of damage

blow devastation harm illness hardship bruise wound corruption disturbance suffering accident deterioration contamination destruction impairment catastrophe casualty pollution knockout mishap adulteration stroke affliction wrecking ruin ravage outrage waste mischief infliction evil hurt bane wrong disservice debasement breakage spoilage blemish reverse deprivation depreciation detriment wreckage adversity ruining marring mutilation cave-in pollute cripple weaken injure tarnish contaminate maim infect burn batter undermine smash tear mangle scorch deface defile scratch scathe incapacitate rot gnaw disintegrate maltreat vitiate fade crack blight stain split disfigure lacerate dismantle abuse stab bleach mutilate corrode discolor dirty rust bang up tamper with wear away

Antonyms of damage

building advantage health favor cleanliness purification happiness improvement aid goodness virtue good luck giving boon profit good fortune construction creation benefit blessing help development kindness assist mend purify create wait adorn beautify ornament honor schedule set up cleanse grow combine protect enhance perfect fix strengthen allow cure repair decorate brighten

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