dangerous meaning in telugu

Word: dangerous
 Meaning of dangerous in english - hazardous, troubling

Meanings in telugu :

chedagaramu ( చెడగరము )

Synonyms of dangerous

treacherous unhealthy threatening deadly unsafe terrible precarious ugly bad critical unstable alarming serious nasty fatal perilous risky breakneck chancy delicate exposed formidable hairy heavy hot impending impregnable insecure loaded malignant menacing mortal portentous pressing queasy serpentine shaky speculative thorny ticklish touch-and-go touchy urgent viperous vulnerable wicked jeopardous parlous dynamite dangersome

Antonyms of dangerous

honest harmless healthy pleasant healthful wholesome wonderful stable pleasing kind OK trivial unimportant careful guarded untroubled true strong good nice safe secure great certain sure agreeable happy

Related English Telugu Meaning

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