dart meaning in telugu

Word: dart
 Meaning of dart in english - race away, propel

Meanings in telugu :

bhindivaalamu ( భిండివాలము )

Identical words :

darting - shool ( శూల )

Synonyms of dart

float hurtle fling flit scamper flash bound scurry dash skim scoot gallop sprint hurry spring course whiz pitch heave cast speed sail scud start fly plunge run thrust throw shoot rush launch tear career spurt hasten

Antonyms of dart

slow walk dawdle cease catch receive halt end finish

Related English Telugu Meaning

dartingdasavdashdashing to piecesdashingdate of the monthdate treedatedative signdativedaubdaubing the body with unguentsdaughter of drupadadaughter of the king of virāṭadaughter ofsisterdaughter-in-lawdaughterdaughters sondawdlingdawn
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