dependence meaning in telugu

Word: dependence
 Meaning of dependence in english - reliance

Meanings in telugu :

paaratantyrayamu ( పారతంత్య్రయము )

Identical words :

dependence on the aid of others - paraapēksh ( పరాపేక్ష )

Synonyms of dependence

dependency confidence faith belief habit addiction trust obsession craving credence jones

Antonyms of dependence

disbelief distrust

Related English Telugu Meaning

dependent ondependentdepending ondepopulateddepositdepositeddepositingdepraveddepressdepressedas the nosedepressingdepressiondepthdeputyder fder to be distributed among guestsder to place them on the backs of bullocksder to sound and worn by women on their anklesderdereliction of duty
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