dishonest meaning in telugu

Word: dishonest
 Meaning of dishonest in english - lying, untruthful

Meanings in telugu :

dong ( దొంగ )

Identical words :

As noun :
dishonesty - dundagamu ( దుండగము )

Synonyms of dishonest

deceptive unscrupulous deceitful sneaky crooked shady unfair unprincipled fraudulent misleading corrupt untrustworthy underhanded backbiting bent cheating crafty cunning designing disreputable double-dealing elusive mendacious perfidious recreant shifty sinister slippery traitorous treacherous tricky two-faced two-timing unctuous villainous wily guileful sneaking false bluffing deceiving double-crossing hoodwinking

Antonyms of dishonest

forthright frank honest truthful ethical moral principled trustworthy aboveboard honorable real valid reliable scrupulous open upright good faithful straight fair just

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