displeasure meaning in telugu

Word: displeasure
 Meaning of displeasure in english - unhappiness, anger

Meanings in telugu :

manyuvu ( మన్యువు )

Synonyms of displeasure

annoyance distaste disapproval resentment umbrage pique irritation dislike dissatisfaction indignation wrath disinclination disgruntlement indisposition disapprobation aversion disfavor offense vexation discontentment disrelish disliking

Antonyms of displeasure

happiness joy liking calm composure delight satisfaction pleasure like love approval

Related English Telugu Meaning

disposabledispositiondisputation held to find out the truth regarding anythingdisputedisputed landfield the boundary line of which is questioneddisquietdisquieteddisregarddisregardeddisrespectdissatisfactiondissemblingdissentdissenterdissimulationdissipatedissipateddissipatesdissolutiondistance from the elbow to the extremity of the little finger
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