double meaning in telugu

Word: double
Meaning of double in english - in a pair, something which exactly resembles another, make two of, make twice as large

Meanings in telugu :

zamili ( మిలి )

Identical words :

As noun :
double entendre - chhalamu ( ఛలము )
double pointed - chiLl ( చిళ్ల )
double handful as much as can be contained in the two hands held ascup - dōsili ( దోసిలి )
double piece of long cloth - pachchamu ( పచ్చము )
double bullock load - malag ( మలగ )
double drum - viranamu ( వీరణము )
double jasmine - virazaadi ( విరాది )
double jessamine - saptal ( సప్తల )

Synonyms of double

dual binary second duplex twin duplicate paired repeated twofold geminate coupled duplicated as much again bifold binate dualistic two times angel match simulacrum picture reciprocal impersonator ringer clone companion counterpart mate replica coordinate portrait copy image dead ringer spitting image stand-in lookalike increase grow augment magnify pleat enlarge plait dupe supplement redouble multiply replicate loop amplify infold dualize

Antonyms of double

singular single original decrease lessen abridge compress condense curtail halve diminish reduce divide

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