doubtful meaning in telugu

Word: doubtful
 Meaning of doubtful in english - questionable, unclear, not believing

Meanings in telugu :

sandigdhamu ( సందిగ్ధము )

Synonyms of doubtful

indecisive unsure problematic insecure suspicious precarious dubious uneasy unstable hazy undecided unsettled uncertain dicey debatable ambiguous borderline chancy contingent disreputable equivocal far-fetched fat chance fishy hazardous iffy inconclusive indefinite indeterminate indistinct long shot obscure open pending shady sneaky speculative suspect touch-and-go touchy clouded dubitable doubtable impugnable on thin ice unconfirmed up for grabs skeptical hesitant tentative puzzled agnostic confused disconcerted distracted distrustful disturbed doubting faithless hesitating irresolute lost perplexed questioning theoretical troubled unresolved vacillating wavering unconvinced baffled discomposed faltering flustered in a quandary in clouds in dilemma like doubting Thomas not following of two minds

Antonyms of doubtful

determined undoubted settled trustworthy trusty stable confirmed unquestionable believing confident convinced trusting certain definite sure secure safe strong clear decided exact resolved indubious

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