drain meaning in telugu

Word: drain
Meaning of drain in english - channel through which liquid runs off, remove liquid, remove supply, seep, discharge liquid

Meanings in telugu :

saarani ( సారణి )

Synonyms of drain

pipe duct sewer ditch culvert conduit trench sink outlet watercourse cloaca cesspool dry exhaust tap consume reduce siphon bleed strain pump deplete diminish divert sap suck empty debilitate tax devitalize decrease impoverish milk bankrupt draft dissipate waste quaff finish evacuate weary fatigue abate expend lessen withdraw swallow spend get rid of wear down tire out use up catheterize bleed dry draw off drink up filter off free from get last drop gulp down pump out suck dry leak flow ooze decline percolate dwindle exude well trickle effuse flow out leave dry osmose run off

Antonyms of drain

invigorate grow increase energize enlarge hoard create refresh pour build expand extend strengthen fill raise save keep rise

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