draw meaning in telugu

Word: draw
 Meaning of draw in english - tie in competition, move something by pulling, create a likeness in a picture, deduce, allure, influence, take out, extend

Meanings in telugu :

vraayu ( వ్రాయు )

Identical words :

As noun :
drawing - aakarshamu ( ఆకర్షము )
drawing up - aakuanchanamu ( ఆకుంచనము )
drawing out wire - kammachchu ( కమ్మచ్చు )
draw near - taarasianchu ( తారసించు )
draw lines - giku ( గీకు )
drawing water - chēd ( చేద )
drawmilk - pituku ( పితుకు )
drawing spirits - batti ( బట్టి )
drawing water fromwell - rēk ( రేక )
drawing water from wells to irrigate the fields - mōt ( మోట )
drawer oftable - sorugu ( సొరుగు )

Synonyms of draw

stalemate deadlock standoff dead end dead heat photo finish even steven gather drag bring elicit evoke pick carry attract tap trawl hook convey extract tow pump draft lug cull jerk rake siphon pluck trail haul tug drain fetch wrench magnetize yank wind in write paint mark sketch formulate caricature frame describe design portray depict prepare graph engrave profile trace express chart compose delineate outline limn model crayon pencil map out collect make get judge derive infer conclude make out prompt invite engage fascinate captivate induce convince persuade charm entice wile bewitch enchant bring around argue into bring forth call forth win over select choose extort stretch attenuate lengthen respire elongate suck pull out

Antonyms of draw

grow refuse repress insert exhale propel alienate estrange rebuff reject shorten plant let go push repel repulse turn off put in push away destroy mix up disorganize ruin ignore confuse neglect disperse scatter dissuade disallow misunderstand distribute divide give discourage stop lose fail disgust offend hinder prevent halt keep

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