dream meaning in telugu

Word: dream
Meaning of dream in english - illusion, vision, goal, conjure up scenario

Meanings in telugu :

svapnamu ( స్వప్నము )

Identical words :

dreaming - svapnamu ( స్వప్నము )

Synonyms of dream

imagination nightmare delusion idea thought fantasy image impression rainbow vagary reverie trance daydream fancy specter chimera incubus hallucination bubble speculation wraith castle in the air head trip pie in the sky pipe dream mental picture desire wish aspiration ambition notion hope design flight of fancy visualize conceive invent crave fantasize think long concoct sublimate formulate hunger devise sigh create hatch hanker lust hallucinate thirst imagine pine idealize brainstorm envisage cook up make up stargaze be delirious be moonstruck be up in clouds build castles in air have a flash have a nightmare have a notion have a vision search for pot of gold

Antonyms of dream

reality actuality existence entity truth concrete fact certainty substance dislike hate hatred

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