dwell meaning in telugu

Word: dwell
Meaning of dwell in english - live in

Meanings in telugu :

undu ( ఉండు )

Identical words :

As noun :
dwelling - sadanamu ( సదనము )
dweller - vaasi ( వాసి )
dwelling place - vishayamu ( విశయము )
dwelling-house - nilayamu ( నిలయము )
dwelling in - vasat ( వసత్ )
dwelling in heaven with god - saalōkyamu ( సాలోక్యము )

Synonyms of dwell

reside squat hole up exist bide inhabit perch park tarry rest rent bunk abide occupy continue lodge tent locate crash stop nest stay tenant room flop sojourn remain settle quarter roost establish oneself hang out keep house pitch tent hang one's hat

Antonyms of dwell

complete move depart carry on finish go leave

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