earnest meaning in telugu

Word: earnest
Meaning of earnest in english - very enthusiastic, serious, very important

Meanings in telugu :

utsukamu ( ఉత్సుకము )

Identical words :

As noun :
earnestness - autsukyamu ( ఔత్సుక్యము )
earnest money - saanchakaruvu ( సంచకరువు )

Synonyms of earnest

diligent impassioned sincere fervent urgent purposeful ardent passionate heartfelt eager keen busy devoted fervid industrious sedulous vehement warm wholehearted zealous perseverant sober solemn somber thoughtful firm constant steady intent stable close grave determined fixed meaningful no-nonsense resolute sedate staid weighty mean business for real no-fooling playing hard ball

Antonyms of earnest

indifferent apathetic insincere dispassionate flippant unconcerned unthoughtful trivial unimportant cool unexcited unenthusiastic cold frigid thoughtless unpassionate unpurposeful unserious unstable changeable irresolute inconstant unsteady untrustworthy wobbly loose weak wavering

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