easy meaning in telugu

Word: easy
Meaning of easy in english - not difficult, leisurely, relaxed, tolerant, permissive, good-humored

Meanings in telugu :

svasthamu ( స్వస్థము )

Identical words :

easy of access - sulabhamu ( సులభము )

Synonyms of easy

accessible straightforward simple clear smooth obvious effortless uncomplicated apparent basic cinch elementary evident facile inconsiderable light little manageable manifest mere nothing to it paltry picnic piece of cake plain pushover royal slight snap uninvolved yielding painless easily done no bother no problem no sweat no trouble not burdensome plain sailing simple as ABC undemanding untroublesome wieldy child's play slow secure successful peaceful quiet comfortable pleasant soft calm carefree comfy commodious composed content contented cozy cushy flowing fluent forthright gentle languid mild moderate prosperous running satisfied serene snug spontaneous substantial temperate thriving tranquil undisturbed unhurried untroubled well-to-do easeful at ease cursive in clover unexacting unworried flexible accommodating amenable benign charitable clement compassionate compliant condoning easygoing forbearing forgiving gullible indulgent kindly lenient liberal merciful naive submissive susceptible sympathetic tractable trusting biddable dupable exploitable deceivable deludable excusing fleeceable humoring mollycoddling pampering pardoning spoiling unburdensome unoppressive unsuspicious natural affable amiable casual complaisant diplomatic familiar friendly good-natured graceful gracious gregarious informal obliging open polite sociable suave unaffected unpretentious urbane good-tempered unforced

Antonyms of easy

complicated unclear unintelligible ambiguous vague arduous demanding intricate uneasy exhausting trying intolerant difficult hard obscure complex involved laborious oppressive unrelaxed impossible strict unpermissive unhappy unleisurely onery intelligent clamorous noisy unfriendly smart rough loud rigid unyielding

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