energy meaning in telugu

Word: energy
 Meaning of energy in english - person's spirit and vigor, generated power

Meanings in telugu :

sattuv ( సత్తువ )

Synonyms of energy

strength toughness vitality stamina efficiency intensity pizzazz get-up-and-go vim dash juice zing initiative force puissance efficacy zip endurance pep liveliness application animation vehemence effectiveness might exertion life zest fire ardor activity punch pluck fortitude moxie hardihood spontaneity potency tuck zeal verve drive forcefulness enterprise virility muscle steam élan birr vivacity operativeness service electricity heat potential reaction pressure burn gravity friction current magnetism response dynamism rays wattage horsepower radioactivity voltage kilowatts

Antonyms of energy

lack weakness lethargy inability incompetence inefficiency apathy laziness lifelessness indifference idleness inactivity ineffectiveness indolence cowardice tiredness impotence dullness powerlessness uselessness dispiritedness question

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