feature meaning in telugu

Word: feature
Meaning of feature in english - characteristic, highlight, special attraction, special article in publication, give prominence to

Meanings in telugu :

pagidi ( పగిది )

Identical words :

As noun :
features - mokkattu ( మొక్కట్టు )

Synonyms of feature

trait component detail element item aspect factor ingredient quality individuality point attribute hallmark peculiarity gimmick unit angle savor particularity specialty slant virtue gag constituent notability twist earmark idiosyncrasy facet property affection integrant speciality differential innovation draw headliner big show crowd puller drawing card main item prominent part column story piece report comment star emphasize advertise promote spotlight present stress accentuate blaze underscore underline italicize play up call attention to make conspicuous point up

Antonyms of feature

whole quiet silence disregard

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