finger meaning in telugu

Word: finger
 Meaning of finger in english - appendage of hand, touch lightly, choose, designate

Meanings in telugu :

vēlu ( వేలు )

Identical words :

fingers - anguLitraanamu ( అంగుళిత్రాణము )
finger ring - ungaramu ( ఉంగరము )

Synonyms of finger

claw hook digit antenna extremity tentacle feeler pointer thumb ring finger pinky tactile member handle paw maul palpate fiddle grope meddle manipulate play with toy with appoint locate tap name nominate make indicate identify determine specify point out

Antonyms of finger

manhandle ignore pass over refuse lose

Related English Telugu Meaning

fingersfinish to make clearfinished to be verifiedfinishedfinishing bitfinishing twistfinishingfire armsfire brandfire lighted either ffire of lovefire pitfire placefire potfire that will burn under waterfire used infuneral pilefire woodfire-brandfire-placefire-wood
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