finished meaning in telugu

Word: finished
 Meaning of finished in english - cultivated, refined, complete, done, consumed, used up

Meanings in telugu :

sampoornamu ( సంపూర్ణము )

Identical words :

finished to be verified - talakoodu ( తలకూడు )

Synonyms of finished

flawless polished smooth accomplished consummate perfected cultured all-around classic elegant expert exquisite impeccable masterly professional proficient skilled suave urbane versatile many-sided realized full satisfied ended decided stopped closed settled shut executed finalized lapsed fulfilled made discharged done for entire over through resolved concluded elaborated terminated effectuated dispatched compassed ceased performed effected achieved consummated brought about come to an end disposed of done with in the past over and done put into effect sewn up tied up worked out wound up wrapped up empty lost spent gone bankrupt drained exhausted wrecked ruined undone done in devastated liquidated played out washed up

Antonyms of finished

uncultivated unfinished unsophisticated incomplete held stored crude unrefined kept saved solvent wealthy lively restored repaired

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