flash meaning in telugu

Word: flash
 Meaning of flash in english - shimmer, flicker, instant, split second, demonstration, move fast and display

Meanings in telugu :

mis ( మిస )

Identical words :

flash of wit - chaakachakyamu ( చాకచక్యము )
flash of light - bittaramu ( బిత్తరము )

Synonyms of flash

glare reflection beam burst flare radiation gleam sparkle flame blaze glimmer glint ray glitter vision glow streak shine dazzle quiver glisten stream twinkle imprint twinkling coruscation impulse illumination glance scintillation luster incandescence phosphorescence bedazzlement moment outburst breathing show jiffy shake minute trice splash manifestation swank sign blink coruscate light scintillate spangle radiate shoot out fly flit zoom dart dash whistle flaunt brandish exhibit disport parade spring expose sweep race bolt flourish speed show off

Antonyms of flash

dullness darkness concealment hiding pause slow walk hide

Related English Telugu Meaning

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