foreign meaning in telugu

Word: foreign
Meaning of foreign in english - from another country, experience, irrelevant

Meanings in telugu :

laati ( లాతి )

Identical words :

As noun :
foreigner - meanch ( మెంచ )
foreign country - sim ( సీమ )

Synonyms of foreign

different unfamiliar alien external overseas offshore strange alienated antipodal barbarian barbaric borrowed distant exotic expatriate extraneous extrinsic far far-fetched faraway immigrant imported inaccessible outlandish outside remote unaccustomed unexplored unknown derived far-off adopted estranged exiled extralocal from abroad nonnative nonresident not domestic not native transoceanic accidental adventitious heterogeneous immaterial impertinent incompatible incongruous inconsistent repugnant unrelated inapposite inconsonant irrelative unassimilable

Antonyms of foreign

local national characteristic known relevant native familiar

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