foul meaning in telugu

Word: foul
Meaning of foul in english - disgusting, dirty, vulgar, offensive, corrupt, dishonest, infraction, make or become dirty

Meanings in telugu :

vinmayamu ( విణ్మయము )

Identical words :

As noun :
foulness - rōt ( రోత )
foul breeze - tavaayi ( తవాయి )
foul scent - pustu ( పుస్తు )
foul smell - pootigandhi ( పూతిగంధి )
foul language - bootu ( బూతు )

Synonyms of foul

putrid vile horrid vicious fetid rotten hateful nasty filthy wicked stinking nauseating gross rank base tainted pigpen repellent revolting abhorrent abominable despicable detestable disgraceful dishonorable egregious heinous icky impure infamous iniquitous loathsome malodorous nefarious noisome notorious raunchy repulsive scandalous shameful squalid unclean yucky mucky sullied polluted contaminated yecchy abusive blue low profane blasphemous coarse indecent lewd obscene scatological scurrilous smutty foul-mouthed crooked caitiff fraudulent inequitable monstrous shady underhand underhanded unfair unjust unscrupulous violation offense breach infringement error encroachment slip faux pas clog choke twist catch defile soil ensnare besmear fill discolor tarnish jam stain desecrate sully spot smudge befoul besmirch entangle snarl block

Antonyms of foul

kind friendly pleasant moral assisting helpful pleasing delightful fragrant wonderful inoffensive honest fresh sweet gentle nice good clean pure decent aiding innocent fair incorrupt just sterile gay happy obedience unblock purify release honor sanctify sterilize free let go

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