fretfulness meaning in telugu

Word: fretfulness
 Meaning of fretfulness in english - anxiety, care, chagrin, discontent, disquiet, dissatisfaction, impatience, nerves, restlessness, temper, testiness, inquietude, irascibility, irascibleness, restiveness, short fuse, tetchiness, unease

Meanings in telugu :

aarivēramu ( ఆరివేరము )

Synonyms of fretfulness

nervousness apprehension suffering uncertainty misgiving mistrust angst jitters doubt uneasiness dread misery suspense trouble panic concern distress foreboding heebie-jeebies watchfulness fuss solicitude downer flap drag disquietude botheration sweat goose bumps pins and needles all-overs shivers shakes jumps fidgets willies creeps butterflies worriment ants in pants cold sweat nail-biting responsibility load encumbrance strain incubus affliction perplexity fear anguish nuisance worry unhappiness annoyance disturbance exasperation charge tribulation woe oppression dismay hardship handicap sorrow pressure onus burden consternation discomposure alarm aggravation impediment hindrance vexation stew embarrassment irritation blow balk discomfiture humiliation spleen upset disgruntlement letdown shame frustration peevishness mortification crushing ill-humor regret displeasure envy discontentment depression ferment turmoil ailment unrest storm concernment complaint distaste jealousy disapproval resentment discomfort weariness boredom disinclination indisposition desolation dislike discouragement heartburn aversion disfavor hopelessness ennui malcontent disrelish querulousness lamentation disliking malcontentment eagerness excitement anger irritability intolerance hastiness agitation violence avidity heat vehemence haste expectancy rashness edginess impetuosity shortness irritableness quick temper snappiness tension imbalance hysteria sleeplessness tenseness neurasthenia insomnia instability activity turbulence hurry bustle movement transience inconstancy jumpiness excitability fitfulness antsiness unsettledness worriedness tantrum fury sensitivity passion ire outburst tiff snit pugnacity acerbity wax furor tizzy petulance miff tear tartness sullenness dander sourness crossness surliness touchiness huffiness bad humor cantankerousness grouchiness hotheadedness slow burn asperity temperament low boiling point

Antonyms of fretfulness

calm calmness collectedness happiness joy advantage contentment composure nonchalance tranquility ease certainty security sureness peace confidence trust belief faith blessing peacefulness assurance health aid relief joyfulness delight encouragement assistance carelessness disregard ignorance inattention negligence thoughtlessness omission benefit comfort pleasure help neglect oversight satisfaction gladness triumph easiness patience contentedness unconcern harmony order enthusiasm incentive liking approval sanction love kindness cheer like apathy control forbearance enjoyment endurance tolerance waiting willingness relaxation coolness inactivity laziness rest restfulness upset

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