friendly meaning in telugu

Word: friendly
 Meaning of friendly in english - intimate, companionable

Meanings in telugu :

hitamu ( హితము )

Identical words :

friendly talk - sanlaapamu ( సంలాపము )
friendly speech - sookti ( సూక్తి )

Synonyms of friendly

sympathetic cordial beneficial good amiable helpful affectionate familiar receptive neighborly loyal favorable peaceful loving welcoming affable attentive amicable chummy kind faithful tender close thick sociable auspicious benevolent benign civil conciliatory convivial fond genial kindly outgoing peaceable propitious solicitous attached buddy-buddy clubby comradely confiding on good terms

Antonyms of friendly

unfriendly unsociable aloof hostile unpleasant disadvantageous harmful surly hurtful injurious ignorant unkind inaccurate antagonistic incompatible cold cool disagreeable hurting unhelpful bad mean disliking distant reserved loose uncompanionable

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