grace meaning in telugu

Word: grace
Meaning of grace in english - charm, loveliness, mercy, forgiveness, prayer, beautify, embellish

Meanings in telugu :

horagu ( హొరగు )

Identical words :

As adjective :
graceful - zaanu ( ాను )
gracefulness - polupu ( పొలుపు )

Synonyms of grace

dignity agility finesse beauty dexterity ease poise elegance refinement style decency decorum etiquette adroitness manners allure polish comeliness symmetry pliancy smoothness cultivation breeding finish form attractiveness tact address consideration pleasantness nimbleness tastefulness propriety suppleness balance mannerliness shapeliness gracefulness lissomeness lithesomeness tenderness compassion generosity goodness kindness kindliness responsiveness reprieve indulgence lenity pardon benevolence favor beneficence benefaction leniency forbearance clemency quarter charity good will compassionateness caritas blessing thanksgiving invocation benediction petition bedeck decorate adorn crown glorify elevate enrich dignify ornament distinguish enhance garnish honor laureate

Antonyms of grace

clumsiness bad manners indecency disproportion imbalance ignorance thoughtlessness ugliness crudeness neglect ineptness tactlessness mercilessness unforgiveness hatred cruelty harshness disfavor meanness malevolence unkindness dishonor condemn degrade humiliate shame decrease demote denounce disgrace lower reduce hurt

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