grave meaning in telugu

Word: grave
 Meaning of grave in english - serious, gloomy, crucial, dangerous, burial place

Meanings in telugu :

samaadhi ( సమాధి )

Identical words :

As noun :
gravel - morasu ( మొరసు )
As adjective :
gravelly - morap ( మొరప )
grave cricket that destroys clothes - chimmat ( చిమ్మట )
graver - pōgar ( పోగర )
gravelly soil - shaarkarilamu ( శార్కరిలము )

Synonyms of grave

heavy subdued sage quiet earnest sedate sober dull dignified deadpan dour grim leaden meaningful no-nonsense ponderous sad saturnine solemn somber staid thoughtful muted cold sober grim-faced long-faced strictly business unsmiling acute major threatening pressing killing fell consequential critical deadly destructive dire exigent fatal grievous hazardous important life-and-death momentous ominous perilous severe significant ugly urgent vital weighty afflictive of great consequence crypt sepulcher catacomb shrine vault tomb mound mausoleum six feet under final resting place last home permanent address

Antonyms of grave

trivial unimportant boisterous excited agitated lively cheerful frivolous ridiculous silly inconsequential light funny happy insignificant little

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