greek meaning in telugu

Word: greek
 Meaning of greek in english - classical, drivel, incomprehensible, unintelligible, double Dutch, uncomprehensible

Meanings in telugu :

yavanudu ( యవనుడు )

Identical words :

Synonyms of greek

academic attic bookish canonical humanistic Latin Hellenic Doric roman scholastic Ionic Grecian Augustan Homeric Virgilian belletristic classicistic babble blather gibberish tripe nonsense hogwash gobbledygook jabber bunk hooey poppycock rubbish balderdash rot twaddle double-talk prating unimaginable puzzling impenetrable opaque unfathomable baffling mystifying inconceivable cryptic enigmatic inscrutable mysterious obscure perplexing sibylline unclear Delphic beats me beyond comprehension clear as mud fathomless incognizable ungraspable unknowable beyond one's grasp over one's head illegible meaningless indecipherable vague ambiguous equivocal inarticulate incoherent indistinct jumbled muddled tenebrous uncertain unreadable inexplicit unexplicit baloney malarkey mumbo jumbo Choctaw

Antonyms of greek

complicated modern unclassical sense truth believable imaginable comprehensible intelligible fathomable understandable clear decipherable

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