heavenly meaning in telugu

Word: heavenly
Meaning of heavenly in english - very pleasant

Meanings in telugu :

vaihaayasamu ( వైహాయసము )

Identical words :

heavenly nymphcelestial courtesan - apsaras ( అప్సరస )
heavenly minded - mumukshuvu ( ముముక్షువు )

Synonyms of heavenly

celestial angelic holy delectable wonderful supernatural glorious delicious ravishing lovely blissful divine luscious sublime adorable alluring ambrosial beatific beautiful blessed darling delightful empyrean enjoyable entrancing excellent exquisite extraterrestrial godlike immortal lush rapturous scrumptious seraphic superhuman supernal sweet yummy cherubic

Antonyms of heavenly

horrible unpleasant awful unsavory hellish earthly bad disagreeable

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