hide meaning in telugu

Word: hide
 Meaning of hide in english - conceal, remain unseen

Meanings in telugu :

nihnavianchu ( నిహ్నవించు )

Identical words :

hide oneself - nakku ( నక్కు )

Synonyms of hide

plant shield hole up camouflage shelter cover mask protect stash withhold disguise suppress obscure bury smuggle stifle squirrel harbor screen cache eclipse cloak adumbrate shroud dissemble duck ensconce curtain shadow ditch veil secrete reserve hold back hush up salt away tuck away blot out go into hiding go underground keep from keep secret lie low lock up not give away not tell put out of the way stow away

Antonyms of hide

uncover unmask release bare disclose divulge exhibit lay bare open reveal let go expose let out show

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