hiding place meaning in telugu

Word: hiding place
Meaning of hiding place in english - ambush, cache, recess, refuge, retreat, safe harbor, safe house

Meanings in telugu :

panuku ( పణుకు )

Synonyms of hiding place

deception camouflage shelter concealment trick trap lurking pitfall ambuscade hiding waylaying waiting ambushment hideout wealth repository treasure nest egg stash stockpile hoard plant drop assets stake kitty fund shade treasury supplies accumulation store reserve storehouse drop-off drop joint heart cranny hollow dent cubicle depression slot angle closet cavity nook cell crutch fork opening alcove break mouth hole bay indentation crypt reaches carrel embrasure penetralia depths oriel socket apse secret place stronghold sanctuary hideaway resort protection fortress security asylum haven shield covert escape home port stopgap makeshift exit immunity preserve outlet recourse resource anchorage expedient ivory tower way out harborage safe place retirement habitat convent privacy hermitage solitude haunt defense ark cloister seclusion adytum port in a storm

Antonyms of hiding place

frankness honesty bulge misfortune continuation solid closure permanent entrance coming advance

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